Social calendar invitation app

Social calendar invitation app

Messendar is a social calendar application which makes it possible for users to consult their calendar, create an event, send and receive invitations and allows you to chat about it.

Create Event

Messendar allows you to instantly create an event, no matter where you are. You can add information to it as date, time, location, audio and attach a file.

Invite People

Messendar makes your social invitations easier. You can invite your friends in just a few clicks.

Host Event​

You can Host your created events by keeping contact with your invitees. Messendar makes it possible to chat directly with the host of the event, chat with a single person or chat in group.


Generate QR-code for your event. Invitees can easily scan the QR-code with the Messendar app to receive the event.

How Messendar works

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Organise your calendar in a social efficient